The Holyoke Safe Neighborhood Initiative is a very comprehensive collaboration in terms of developing grassroots relationships, getting folks in the community connected to services and building healthy, long lasting relationships.  We have a focus on both youth and families in Holyoke and outreach to many community folks that are struggling to keep their lives on track.

In 2011 we began a pilot in South Holyoke where we focused on a three block radius that included 400 family units.  After completing a multi-agency survey in 2012, we found that 65% of the youth that lived in South Holyoke had never attended an after-school program.  After the survey results, we worked close with Morgan School and the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Holyoke to close those gaps in services.  Our follow-up comparison survey in 2013 demonstrated that our efforts showed 63% of youth had now attended an after-school program.

In 2012, we began after-school programs including, table tennis clubs, introductory boxing programs, flag football leagues, volleyball leagues and basketball leagues.  Our first basketball league had 56 youth, while other activities only generated interest of 15 to 25 youth.

We have a focus of engaging youth and being intentional around mentorship, role modeling and structured character development.  This past summer of 2017, we had 210 youth on 21 teams in our Summer Basketball League.  The league had a gang awareness and prevention curriculum connected to it.  We administered a pre-test, eight weeks of instruction, two weeks of review and a post test.  We run a 12-week summer program and a 12-week winter program.  Each season has a different character development curriculum.  

Developing the youth is really only one part of our overall work.  We have seen some of the relationships built lead to some single mothers getting connected to much needed services.  We have also assisted some of the community residents in completing certificate programs in CNA, getting into GED and Hi-Set Classes, college and some getting connected to employment.

Our goal is to build community… One Person at a Time!

 For More Information, please contact Ed Caisse at (413) 858-0225 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Comparison Survey Report from 2012 and 2013 survey