Networking Meeting 3/14/19

We will be holding our monthly networking meeting on Thursday, 3/14/19 at 1:00pm at the Holyoke Public Library.

Dorrie Brooks, Principal Architect at Jones Whitsett Architects, will present the schematic designs for Holyoke’s proposed two new middle school buildings, at Cabot and Chestnut Street and replacing the existing Peck School.
What are the educational goals and values of the new schools?
How will the new school’s help to address the physical, social and emotional needs of students and their families?
How will a new school at Cabot and Chestnut impact the Library Square neighborhood?
….And what will these projects cost the tax payers of Holyoke, if approved by the voters?
Dorrie looks forward to sharing the project and hearing your input.
Thanks so much for your support, Ed…