Below are the results from the Basketball Championships that were held tonight at the Boys and Girls Club. Overall, we really had a great night and I want to personally thank everyone for their volunteer work, investing in the lives of young people in Holyoke. We have some really great volunteers that really care about the youth and our community.

Some of the interactions with the youth tonight were absolutely priceless. To hear a youth speak about not having a mother or a father growing up and "Not having anybody" just reinforces why we are running these leagues.

A shout out to all of the donors that make it possible for us to do our intentional work; focusing on character development, intentional mentor-ship and taking advantage of teaching moments about life. The structure and addressing negative behavior in a positive, but firm way, really does make gains in the areas of social / emotional learning.

A special thanks to all of our agency partners, especially Sheriff Nick Cocchi, District Attorney Anthony Gulluni, Holyoke Police Chief Manny Febo, Eileen Cavanaugh from the Boys and Girls Club, Kathy Veins from the YMCA, Dr. Zrike and the Holyoke Public Schools, Paul Lambert and the Basketball Hall of Fame for investing financially or with resources of space to give us an opportunity to run these leagues and do the work we are doing. We are honored to volunteer our time to try to build youth and families and we can't get it done without all of your support. THANK YOU!!!

3rd and 4th Grade Championship:
Team #4 (Purple) defeated Team #5 (Kelly) 22 to 19

5th and 6th Grade Championship:
Team #5 (Black) defeated Team # 6 (Blue) 40 to 39

7th and 8th Grade Championship:
Team #2 (Blue) defeated Team #6 (Green) 34 to 14

High School Championship:
Team #6 (Yellow) defeated Team #2 (Black) 39 to 26


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